June 2021 Update


Well, it has been a while since I last wrote. It has been a heck of a 2021 so far hasn't it?

So far I have had my COVID-19 shots, my mother passed away, and well, my Jeep is on the fritz.

And I am heading to Maine in June to perform a wedding and a memorial service. How about you? I am sure that too have face lot's of challenges this Spring. 

So much for shooting any epic landscapes!

But summer is coming, and with it the summer sun and, at least here in Phoenix the summer heat :-)

And summer brings new possibilities and the opportunity to return to something approximating normal, although I have to be brutally honest, not sure what that will look like!

As part of path to normal, I am going to purchase a 4 wheel drive van, a Toyota Hiace that is being imported from Japan.

Yea, it even has the driver seat on the right side of the van. But it is a 4WD van and I have plans to convert it into a camper van for use on photography trips to remote locations. Stay tuned for more info on this project!

I have plans to begin traveling around to locations to photograph beginning in July, so you will begin to see some new photographs coming in the coming months. I can't wait!

June Photograph of the Month

This photograph, Pink Bisti Light, was taken in De-Na-Zin wilderness in the section known as Bisti, in New Mexico. My daughter and I were camping there over the 4th of July weekend and there was a storm traveling through the area.

The setting sun caught the clouds and lit the area up with this beautiful pink light which was reflected onto the hoodoos and mushroom rocks before us. It was simply beautiful and I had never seen anything like it before. And I was able to capture this photograph before the light faded. You can see the pinkish colors reflected on the white surface of the ground and mushroom rocks which lends this 'other worldliness' to the scene.

I was ecstatic and could not believe my good fortune. Sometimes things come together and you have epic light for your scene. This was one of those occasions.

For the month of June, for those who are on my VIP Insider email list, you can purchase this fine art photograph is any size and media on my website and receive 20% off the cost of the print. You can purchase paper prints, metal prints, acrylic prints, canvas gallery prints or even wood prints at 20% off the regular price. Just my way of saying thanks for supporting my art. Remember, you have to be on my VIP Insider's email list to get this discount!

I look forward to showing you some awesome photographs in the next several months as I make plans to travel around and visit some iconic and some not so iconic - but equally beautiful locations. Join me on my journey as I work to return to 'normal.'